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Brenai Blanton, LMSW Supervised by Brittany Woodley, LCSW-S

About Brenai

Brenai Blanton, LMSW

Supervised by Brittany Wooley, LCSW-S

Brenai Blanton is a Licensed Master Social Worker currently in Clinical Supervision. She received her BSW at Midwestern State University and MSW at Texas State University. Outside of private practice, Brenai enjoys spending time with her nephews, two dogs, extended family and friends. Brenai also explores local restaurants and places to travel. 


Brenai provides therapy to adolescents and young adults. Brenai is particularly passionate about serving this population and assisting with navigating through life’s challenges. 


Brenai is currently training in Client-centered therapy, which uses congruency with the client. In session, Brenai focuses on providing the client with care and empathy. This approach supports clients' responsibility for making their own decisions and assists them in exploring the consequences of their options.


Brenai’s style is a guided discovery, meaning that therapy starts with creating a safe space for the client to open and share. Once this is established Brenai will work with the client to create a treatment plan. Brenai is dedicated to providing a relationship that results in a therapeutic alliance that includes a trusted bond with active listening and gentle challenges.

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